Frequently Asked Questions 常问问题

In-Stock Online Store. 现货网店

Online Store At present we only sell ONLINE - We do not have 'Physical Shop', therefore we do not offer Self-Collection OR face-to-face transaction.In view of this all sales, return & exchange, etc are arranged through courier service ONLY We regret for any inconvenience caused by this nature of online retailing and service In Stock / Available We sell Ready Stocks, and we do not offer Pre-Order unless it is Stated as a Pre-Order Products. Please select your option at the Available Options If Item Sold Out but Customer payment made, we will do the refund on the next day. After Sales Should you have any concern about the purchase or items received, please EMAIL us within 3 days after receiving your parcel. Failing which your complaint will not be entertained. Email: ​ SMS & Phone We do not accept orders by phone / SMS / Whatsapp / WeChat Shoppers can contact us by phone or email or through Facebook Message, but we will not entertain SMS inquiry, only reply Whatsapp & Facebook Message. Therefore we apologise that we do not reply SMS. 网上商店 本馆目前只在网上 销售 目前“沒有实体店鋪”,所以沒有上门提货或面交的服務。故所有銷售,退換等皆通过快递服務。 我們感到遗憾如果此网上銷售和服務造成您的不便。 现货/现存尺寸 我们网店目前網店只卖现货商品,故沒有提供‘预购’服務(除了写明的预购商品)。 请在‘Options’里选购您要的尺寸及商品。 若客户买到已经Sold Out的商品,我们会在第二天安排退款。 售后 收到货件或商品后,如果您有任何的问题或投诉,请在三天内发邮件到。否则,您的投诉將不会受理。 手机短信与电话 本馆沒有接受电话/手机短信/ Whatsapp / WeChat等订单 购物者可以通过邮件email或电话或面子书Facebook Message联系,但不接受任何短信询问(我们只接受Whatsapp及Facebook Message询问)。敬请谅解。

Return & Exchange 退货或换货

General We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and hope you like our products as much as we do. However, it is important to read our Return and Exchange policy before making any purchase. We take pride in our products and service and we value our relationship with you. Our goal is to make the return process as simple as possible to make sure you feel good and experience a comfortable online shopping with us. We constantly ensure that the products we sell are of the highest quality. In order to provide excellent service, we will make sure all products are in good conditions before packing and dispatch. We reserve the rights to make amendments to this policy without prior notice. Return Returns are possible if unfortunately the items ordered are: i.Wrongly sent ii.Faulty / defective iii.Out of stock For above (i) and (ii) please submit pictures If an item is faulty, wrongly described or different from the sample shown then we will meet our obligations which may include refunding the purchase price and shipping charges, or providing a replacement product, provided the item is returned within 7 days. Returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, with all of the tags intact and in their original packaging. If the products have been used or damaged, there will not be any refund. We take no responsibility for returned items that do not reach us, i.e., lost during the return transit. After verification of the returned item(s), refund or replacement will be arranged within 3 -10 working days. Contact us If for any other reasons you are still not satisfied with the purchase please email us within 3 days of receiving your order. For complaint or order checking, kindly DO NOT send SMS. Please contact us by email or by phone for general inquiry during office hours. Email: 前言 我们希望您能满意您所购买的产品,並希望你会和我们一样喜欢我們的产品。然而在购买前,请您務必阅读我們的退货换货政策。我们十分珍惜您的购买与支持,所以此目地是能让整个退货换货流程简单,以确保您能在良好的服務与环境下有個美好的网购体验。 以便能為您提供优良的服務,在出货前,我們会确保所出售的产品为為最高品质,所有产品都將检验后才会发货。 对此政策我們保留不事先通知的情況下作出修訂的权利。 退货 退货的条件如下所示(如果不幸的您收到的产品有以下问题): i.处理程序之错误导致误寄,寄货与订购单不合。 ii.产品有明显瑕疵或已损坏。 iii.该項商品商品缺货 以上(i)(ii)需要拍照提交 基於以上的理由,我們將依责任包括退还购买金额和运费,或提供更换产品,但必须在七天内把产品退回。 但退回产品必须是全新状态且完整包裝(保持产品、附件、包裝、吊牌等等之完整性),否则恕不接受退货。 我们不接受已使用或损坏的产品退货。 我们也不会负责在退货运返途中丟失的产品。 退货确认无误后,我们將在 3 -10 个工作天內处理退还原款或替换产品之动作。 联络我們 如果由於任何其他原因您仍然不滿意此购买,请在收到您的货件后 3 天內通过电子電子郵件联系我們。 关于投诉或查询订单,请勿 传送简讯SMS,买家可以通过发电子郵件或在辦公时间內通过电话联系。 郵箱Email:

Maybank2u Payment 付款

How does Maybank2u Pay benefit online shoppers? As a shopper, the overall online shopping experience determines whether a return visit is worth it, or not. Often, shoppers get turned off by lengthy payment processes, so getting Maybank2u Pay can really turn things for the better. With this new payment facility: Payment method is simplified through Maybank2u and payment can be made directly to the seller's account via a simple button. There's no need to remember the seller's account number, so the payment process is simplified. Direct send proof of payment (i.e. scan / copy of payment receipt) to the seller. How to use. Click on the Maybank2u Pay icon on the web and login to Maybank2u. Seller's name will be automatically displayed. Shopper is to select the type of account and enter your email address, amount and description of transaction. The shopper must read and accept the Disclaimer before proceeding to the next screen. Click ‘Continue'. Click ‘Request a TAC Number'. TAC number will be sent to shopper's mobile phone. Enter the TAC Number and click ‘Confirm' to proceed with payment or click 'Go back' to go to the previous screen. Shopper can print screen and save the payment confirmation for record and future reference. Shopper will receive an email as a confirmation of the completed transaction. Maybank2u Pay如何使在线购物者受益?
作为购物者,整体在线购物体验决定了回访是否值得。通常情况下,购物者会因冗长的付款流程而被关闭,因此获得Maybank2u Pay可以让事情变得更好。有了这个新的支付设施:
直接得到向卖方支付证明(即支付收据的扫描/复印件)。 如何使用。
点击网络上的Maybank2u Pay图标,然后登录Maybank2u。
点击“申请TAC号码”。 TAC号码将发送给购物者的手机。输入TAC编号,然后单击“确认”继续付款或单击“返回”转到上一屏幕。
购物者将收到一封电子邮件,作为已完成交易的确认。 Hervatten Malaysia MAYBANK QRPAY Account Reminder : After Payment ,remember to Send proof of payment (i.e. scan / copy of payment receipt) to us. (By Whatsapp / Wechat) 提醒 :付款后,记得发送支付证明(即支付收据的扫描/复印件)给我们。(通过Whatsapp / Wechat微信)

Is There Others Platform Selling Hervatten's Products?是否有其他地方销售Hervatten's的产品?