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  • 支持-30°至150°高温。
  • Supports high temperatures from -30° to 150°.
  • 内壁光滑如丝,极易清洗,不滋生细菌。
  • The inner wall is smooth and silky, it is easy to clean and does not breed bacteria.
  • 适合咖啡,果汁,茶及普通饮用水。
  • Suitable for Coffee, Juice, Tea and ordinary drinking water.
  • 采用高硼硅绿色环保玻璃制造,无毒无味。
  • Made of high borosilicate eco-green glass, non-toxic and smelless.
  • 人工吹制,吹制过程有气泡等小瑕疵均为正常现象。
  • Artificial blowing, blow molding process have little defects such as bubbles are normal.
  • 透亮杯身,造型简洁,平和而富有内涵。
  • Crystal Clear cup body, the shape is simple, peaceful and rich in connotation.

Hervatten Double Layer Drink Glass Cup 360ML (With Handle)

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  • Product : Hervatten Double Layer Drink Glass Cup 360ML (With Handle)
    Size : 360ML

    Material : High Borosilicate Eco-Green Glass

    Type : Cups, Tableware

    Color : Crystal Clear

    Style : Simple & Minimalist

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